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We-Vibe Tango/Womanizer Premium Silver Delights Collection

We-Vibe Tango/Womanizer Premium Silver Delights Collection

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Every year around this time, many of us start to ponder an age old question: what would be the perfect, meaningful, (hopefully!) pleasurable gift for a very special someone? This holiday season, leave the silver bells on the tree and give the gift of sexy, sharable stimulation with We-Vibe + Womanizer Silver Delights Limited Edition set.

Created to celebrate the merging of two top pleasure brands, the Silver Delights set is definitely ready to celebrate the merging of yourself and your partner, too! Combining two beloved pieces into one gift-ready (or hoard-worthy) kit, the Silver Delights Limited Edition set includes a classic We-Vibe Tango mini vibe and a Womanizer Premium clitoral stimulator, both in jet black with luxurious silvery accents. 

Let's start with the Womanizer, and a very good question: how do you improve perfection? Is it even possible? If you're Womanizer, and the perfection we're talking about is the ground-breaking, game-changing Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator, perfection elevated would be The Premium. 

Sleeker and more body-conscious, the Premium fits even more smoothly to body curves, reaching individual contours easily. There are 2 included silicone contact points, both the small and larger sizes feature a fuller-coverage oval shape. Gently sucking, pulsating and throbbing from within, either soft silicone tip gently surrounds sweets spots without overwhelming sensitive tissue.

12 modes of steady suction ranging from the softest tickle to a full-on throb. Turn on the brand new Autopilot mode for varied stimulation and intensity that you won't be able to predict. It's different every time, just to keep thing interesting! Another very noteworthy new feature is the Smart Silence technology. Once the Womanizer Premium is powered on, it'll begin to suck and pulse only when close to the skin. When pulled away from the body, it stops automatically, but starts back up (at the same intensity, of course) when brought back close. This feature not only improves battery life, but also keeps things nice and quiet.

Rechargeable via USB, the Premium powers up at any available USB port using the included magnetic cord. A 2 hour charge will run the motor for up to 240 continuous minutes. 

On to the Tango! Destined to deliver the most precise external stimulation you could desire, this ultra-sleek lipstick-shaped massager is a wonderful choice for shared pleasure during sex and foreplay, but is absolutely perfect for solo sessions, too. 

Shaped into a smooth, sleek shaft with a flattened slant to one side of the tip, the Tango fits easily, comfortably, and naturally in hand, letting you (or your partner) control the placement and pressure just right as you revel in the indescribable power and silky smooth touch. For couples trying out toys in the bedroom for the first time, Tango is perfect, the tiny, natural form fits between two bodies, letting you share sensation for a true 'together' experience.

As for the eight modes of vibration, they're nothing short of miraculous, making the rounds from four steady vibe options, at 3000, 36000, 4200, and 4800 rpm's respectively into pulsating and escalating patterns. A soft interface underneath controls the vibration, a single push gets things going and cycles through the stimulation options.

Also rechargeable via USB, the Tango includes the required charge cable powers up at any available USB port using the included magnetic cord. A full charge will power your Tango for up to two full hours.

Both the Tango and the Womanizer Premium are completely body safe, ultra hygienic, and ideal for people with sensitive skin. The Tango, in non-porous ABS plastic, can simply be rinsed well under warm soapy water before and after playtime, as can the pure silicone Womanizer Premium. Any favorite water based lube will be compatible with both stimulators, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products.
The We-Vibe Tango and the Womanizer Premium are fully waterproof.
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